Are you a lucky person?

There are many views and opinions about who is lucky and blessed in life and I thought about this subject for many years. When I was younger I believed people that are in love are lucky and I was always in search for love. When I got a little older I thought the people with lots of money are the lucky ones and can do anything they want and have anything they want but now I believe that your health and youth are the 2 most valuable and important things in life. Let’s take a moment and really think about this. If a person has a disease that is not curable NO money in the world can save him . In fact he would probably want to give all his money in hopes to get his health back.

Same thing goes for youth.

When you are young you have it all. Your body is younger and healthier.. You have so much love in you, so much hope in you , so much energy and motivation in you, you fall, get back up and try again , you have time! you have less baggage and hurt , everything is so much easier. Dating is easier, finding a job is easier. You dont see wrinkles and grey hair when you look in the mirror , you dont feel oh my god how did it pass so quickly?! You don’t wake up with joint pain or other health problems, you don’t need to take a lot pills to be able to get the day going. Most importantly you don’t need help to take care of yourself. I am not saying getting old is bad by all means. A lot of good things come with getting older as well. Every thing has it’s pro’s and con’s. But what I am saying is youth is a very spacial and valuable thing and no money in the world can bring back time. Specially women when they hit the age 40 they suddenly realize all the changes happening to their body. They want to do more plastic surgery and Botox or whatever they can do to make them look and feel younger. And it’s not just the physical look that changes that we dont like, but also the changes that happen from inside as well. It’s like little by little you are getting weaker and weaker and the power and strength is going away from you. We see that in our parents.

So yeah ,If you still have your health and youth consider yourself a lucky person. Be grateful for that . Enjoy your life. Be happy. If you don’t own a big house it’s ok, If you are not in love yet. It’s ok. You are still healthy and young so go get them Tiger !