10 important things in life.

There are 10 things I learned how important they are in life later which I wish I knew earlier and I would tell my younger self today.
1- Love yourself ( when you love yourself truly, you will make better decisions based on the fact that nothing is more important than your own happiness and what is best for you)
2- Respect yourself. ( when you respect yourself , you will not allow anyone to disrespect you)
3- Do what you love
4- Be ok to say NO and stand up for yourself
5- Know your self value
6- Dont care what other people think. Live your life
7- Be positive and have faith that what is best for you will happen at the right time.
8- Stop taking control of everything. Let go and let it be.
9- Take it easy ( The harder you take life , the more difficult and stressful it will be)
10- When people show you who they are believe them and dont waste your time.
Photo credit : Jill Denny