First and foremost, know that it is not everyday that you have professional pictures taken in lingerie. We do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible. We coach you through every step of the shoot.

Remember to trust your photographer. As women, we are our own worst critics. Often, we help a client into a pose and her first reaction is to look down and start thinking, "My thighs look huge, my thigh highs are cutting into me, and this can't look good." You have to trust us. Boudoir is all about the posing, lighting and angle at which we are shooting.


Think about what you are comfortable in. If you are not a lingerie girl, go to a store and try on all the different types and styles to find out what you are comfortable in and what flatters your body type best.

Here are a few wardrobe ideas.

  • Wide neck sweater, deep V shirt, tank top, t-shirt or paired with a cute pair of panties 
  • Cardigans with a pantie for that cozy look
  • Nighties or babydolls
  • Bra and pantie set paired with a silk or sheer robe
  • Bra and pantie set paired with a garter and thigh highs
  • Just a bra and pantie set
  • His shirt paired with a sexy pair of panties, thigh highs and heels
  • Just you and white sheets. *our sheet shots do count as a wardrobe change*
  • Sheer button down with a bra and pantie or skirt

6 Tips To Know Before Your First Boudoir Photo Shoot

The photos you take during a boudoir photoshoot are intriguing, empowering, and sexy pictures that you can use to create a professional boudoir album for your partner. Even though it may seem intimidating for you, planning a boudoir photoshoot with your photographer is a wonderful experience that is well worth the preparation and primping.If you choose to do a boudoir session, you don’t need to spend months dieting or working out, nor do you need to spend oodles on a suitcase full of lingerie that you’ll rarely wear again. To help get you totally ready and excited for a boudoir photoshoot, we’ve gathered some must-have tips to know before you show it all off.

You don’t have to wear lingerie

Although lingerie is a symbol for boudoir photography, you certainly don’t have to wear the bare necessities for your shoot. Many women opt for more modest look with silky robes, playful dresses, or even men’s attire that is more covering (like a dress shirt or a jersey from his favorite pro sports team). After all, this photoshoot is about making you feel comfortable, so you have the freedom to strut your stuff in whatever outfit works for you.

Find the right photographer

A boudoir photoshoot is something that definitely requires having some trust and confidence with your photographer. Not many women are stoked on the idea of, let alone comfortable with, stripping down and letting someone they’ve only met a few times photograph them in an exposed, vulnerable state. However, photographers who do boudoir shoots understand the boudoir process, and are skilled at making sure you are comfortable and feel completely ready for the shoot. The photographer will give you helpful tips and guide you along the way.

It’s a good idea to listen to them and follow their direction and try not to stay too much in your own head or overthink what you’re doing. By focusing on following their advice, you’re less likely to have any room in your thoughts for hesitation. On this note, take your time and find the right photographer for you. Check out the portfolio of their work and read past customer reviews so you can be sure you are choosing a photographer that has the right expertise and skills that you need.

Choose a safe location that speaks to you. 

Your bedroom, a hotel room, out in the nature in a private area
So be creative!  Some of the sexiest boudoir photos I've ever seen were taken in a backyard pool. Some models in white t-shirts, and some in lingerie and heels. Yes, heels in a pool.  IT WAS HOT. That's all I have to say about that.

Avoid tanning

You may think it’s a good idea to add a spray tan or tanning salon session in your pre-photoshoot preparation regime – but think again. Boudoir photoshoots are very revealing and use lighting techniques that will capture the glow and hue of your skin. This means that any slight sunburns or orange streaks from tanning will show up in the pictures. So don’t worry if it’s been a long winter and your skin is on the pale side; a boudoir photoshoot is about capturing your natural beauty!

Watch out for waxing

If you plan on making an appointment for a bikini or body wax, make sure to book your visit about a week before the photoshoot. This will ensure that you won’t have any bumps or redness that may pop up and be visible for the photographs. If your skin is easily irritated, keep this in mind when shaving as well.

Keeping good posture is key

During your photoshoot, remember to keep your back straight, with your shoulders back and stomach in for the best angles in your pictures. Focusing on keeping good posture will flatter your physique, making you look taller, thinner, and more poised. It will also help you to feel more strong and confident.

“Beauty Begins the moment you decide to be yourself.