It gets better and better every time....

The first time you shoot with me, you discover what you’re capable of. You overcome your nerves, you have a blast , you get a collection of incredible images that celebrate who you are. You can’t believe how amazing you feel. You want to do it again.

The SECOND time you shoot with me , you’re not as nervous which allows us to get into it a little quicker with ease. We shoot something a little different than the first time , try completely different outfit ideas and hair/make up looks. We get even MORE incredible shots than the first time even through maybe you thought that wasn’t possible.

The THIRD time you shoot with me , it’s no holds barred. We blow it out of the water. We know each other well enough by now that it feels like we’re just playing…. and we are…. but we are creating magical things while we do it. And it goes on.

I’m SO grateful for this 3-time client and every single women who trusts me with their photo shoot experience. the first, second , third time and beyond. Clients used to ask me nervously “ Do people ever do this more than once?? I assure you, it just gets better and better.