What is sexy?

My clients often ask me : What is sexy? I tell them Sexy is when you don't reveal everything and leave a little mystery and enigma for men to guess what is going on under that blouse or skirt. Men always like to be challenged and work for something they are interested in so if you easily put everything on the table they wont even value it. It is so sad that this new generation and women in general do not realize that. They think the more they reveal their big breasts and butt the more attractive they seem. They don't even realize the quality of men they will attract that way! You can be sexy with class. I remember after I celebrated my 16th birthday first thing my mother did was that she sat me down with a mirror in front of me and showed me how to sit and how to position my legs when I am wearing a skirt so I wont show my underwear and how crossing legs or closing my legs is more lady like and attractive.
If everything is out in the open then what is there to see more? Learning to have respect and class is the most attractive thing a man is attracted to unless they are just after one thing then they will want a women that will easily let them have it.
Confidence is the second thing that makes a women attractive. The more confident you are in your own skin the more you will look attractive in a mans eyes.

Here is a link to the workout plan I do if you’re interested in having more sexier legs;)