Boudoir Photography/ Rancho Bernardo Inn/ San Diego

My crew and I put together a video of behind the scenes of my boudoir shoot. This is just a teaser of it. We picked Infinity which is not a model. She is a mom of 4 children. She has stretch marks and not a supermodel. The reason behind this is to show women you dont have to be a supermodel to do a boudoir shoot. I believe every women should have the opportunity to get pampered and feel sexy and confident and experience this in their life regardless of their age and body type. Infinitely had a great time getting pampered, she felt very comfortable in front of my camera as I have the relaxing energy that allows my clients to relax and enjoy the time shooting with me and the talent to bring out the beauty in you that you dont believe you have and leave with images that make you go wow!!! So if you're ready to have fun in front our camera and experience this opportunity to feel sexy and beautiful, contact us at 858-699-6903
Many thanks to :
Rancho Bernardo inn
Video: Rugger Protection
Emalyn D Emalyn D. Hair-mua
Model : Infinity Swaim
Photography: Shadi Ameri photography