Lynn Coppock/San Diego Portrait Photogrpahy/4S Ranch

I posted this picture not just to show another photograph of my recent work but because while doing this shoot I realized something that I want to share with you. Something I think a lot of you can relate to.

I did a photoshoot for Lynn more than a year ago and she planned on coming back and doing another shoot because she loved her images. Ok, now lets get to the point. While we were in the middle of the photoshoot and I was just so deep concentrating on what I wanted to capture, Lynn looked at me and said: WOW you seem very happy right now! I asked: Really? how come? She said: you came to life, I wish I had a camera in my hand right now to capture the joy and light that is in your eyes and on your face!  your eyes are sparkling and you're glowing. That made me happy at the moment just realizing how lucky I am to find my passion but later while walking my dog Snoopy, I thought about what Lynn said again and made me realize something very important.

I realized Photography for me is my happy place. I call it " Happy place" because its easier to describe my point. Its a place that when I am lost in it I dont think about anything else except enjoying what I am creating whether its shooting,editing, blogging or whatever that comes with it. Its a place that no one can take away from me and I can rely on it whenever I need to. Before I found photography I used to try finding that happy place from another person and that was wrong because people can disappoint you or not always be there for you no matter how much they love you and that can make you feel sad and dissatisfied. Everyone should have a happy place. When you have your own happy place, you feel stronger and confident. I used to be that girl that cared about what everyone thinks about me and always cared about pleasing my partner more than what I really wanted and what makes me happy but I changed. I learned to accept things as they are and as long as they last and it became easier for me to let go of things because I have my happy place within me. 

So find your happy place. When you find it,It will make you feel stronger, more confidant and satisfied. I hope this Inspired you today. Happy Friday ! :)