Vaz Andreas / Celebrity Photo shoot

I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot for a talented writer and actor VAZ ANDREAS.

Vaz wrote a Novel called Fade which is a Romantic fiction. I normally only read self improvement books but when I got introduced to this book and read the summery I became interested as it is for people who are in constant search for their true self and strive to live in the moment.

Born in Armenia, Vaz Andreas moved to the states in 1993, as a young man at the age 15. He started his acting career in theater and after appearing in over a dozen plays, he went on to Hollywood and studied under the prominent teacher, Eric Morris. Vaz then found his home at Playhouse West and for many years studied under Robert Carnegie and Mark Pellegrino. For over three years, Vaz Andreas played a lead role in the Armenian soap opera, "The Sinners". He has also appeared in the TV shows Lucifer, NCIS, The Shield, Chasing Life and Hit the Floor. One of his greatest accomplishments was to be cast as the male lead in "A Man Before His Time". This documentary chronicles the life of the revered Freydun Atturaya, known as "The Assyrian". Vaz has always shown an interest in writing and after many years of study in philosophy, psychology, human mind and behavior, Vaz decided to gather the world of stories from his life and compile it into a raw and organic storytelling that defines the self. FADE is his first novel. I have read his book FADE before i met him and honestly I could not put this book down and would read it every night until 2am. I can’t wait until this book becomes a movie. Here are a couple of my favorite shots I took of him. I really enjoyed capturing his images . Vaz is such a talented , humble and kind person. It was such a pleasure meeting him in person and working with him.

love that my picture is used for his profile pic :)

love that my picture is used for his profile pic :)

At the end we put the camera on tripod and took a picture together to document the success of an excellent team work. I could not let him go with out having a picture with him ;)


San Diego Headshot Photography

Rena and Tod are owners of Massage Heights in my Neighborhood 4S Ranch. I have been a member of Massage heights for over a year now and absolutely love their service. Rena and Todd also love my photography work and asked me to do their head shots.. They were so happy and excited when they saw their pictures and Im happy that I was able to provide excellent service to them as they deserve.