Family portrait/ San Diego Portrait photography/4S Ranch Studio photography

Azadeh and I met the first time at the Iranian American Women foundation back in 2016. Shortly after she hired me to do head shots for her. Azadeh Is a great lawyer. She specializes in Injury from car accidents, motorcycle , pedestrian, and bicycle accidents. I went to her office to get her head shots done. She was so fun , Kind and full of energy.

About a month ago she asked me to do another photo shoot for her and her 2 beautiful boys. When they arrived at my studio, I was a bit worried that the boys wont  enjoy getting their pictures done but surprisingly they had a great time, completely open to me posing them and later they told their mom how much they enjoyed shooting with me. 

We met a couple nights ago for the viewing session. Azita loved her images and seeing the excitement on her face was the best reward I could ask for.