Does crossing arms in Head shot photography come across as closed and reserved?

Many people think if they cross their arms in photos they will come across as closed and reserved so they hesitate to do so. We all know that these days our picture is everything and we have to make our first impression count in order to have people do business with us. Our image is not just a photo of us. Its the way we convey our message to people and let them know who we are. Weather If it’s for your LinkedIn profile ,website or your dating profile you want empowering images that make people feel that you are confident, knowledgeable, caring, friendly, happy and positive.

I once had a client that needed some head shots to update her website. I asked her to cross her arms for a couple of shots but she hesitated and immediately told me NO. I do not want to come across closed and unfriendly. I want to show that I am friendly and caring. I said trust me. I will guide you how to do this pose correctly and if you do not like the picture you do not have to use it. She agreed and did the pose. At the end after she saw all her pictures , she ended up getting the cross armed one :) So don’t be afraid to cross your arms. If you feel comfortable and confident then go ahead and do it. After all a good photographer knows how to capture your best facial expression and show your best character ;)

Here are some examples of the cross armed pose I gave my clients.