Three guidelines for great photographers.

It doesn’t matter if your objective is to simplify improve your skills as a hobbyist or forge ahead and earn your livelihood a s a professional. It doesn’t matter if you now use an automated point and shoot camera or a sophisticated SLR. Whatever your objective, to succeed as a photographer requires that you know how to produce images. Beautiful images. Beautiful photos.

What to look for…

1- A good photograph has a clear subject.

We sometimes call this a theme. It’s about someone or something. It may even tell a story about that subject. But the subject is clear and unambiguous. Whomever looks at the photo immediately sees the subject.

2- A good photograph focuses attention on a subject.

In other words, the viewer’s eye is immediately drawn to the subject.

3- A good photograph simplifies.

It includes only those elements that draw the eye to the subject, and it excludes or diminishes those elements that might draw the eye away from the subject.

By starting right now think in terms of these three simple guidelines, you will see an immediate change in your life as a photographer. You will find yourself looking at published photographs in a new way. More important, you will see the world around you in a new way and find yourself taking pictures in a new way. You will start the see the world through your viewfinder with the eye of a photographer!