Fashion Style photoshoot for Designer Timmithea

Last week I was requested to shoot for fashion designer Timmithea who has also been published in vogue magazine. We met at Balboa Park since she had a vision of an artistic atmosphere in mind. Along with my artistic and creative eye we made some great images for her new collection. A little bit about Timmithea:

Timmithea has created a capsule collection of special occasion dresses that are Eco-Glamorous! All fabrics are specially curated and purchased from companies in the USA. Timmithea challenged herself to design a collection of dresses from the least amount of fabric as possible- each takes about three yards, creates minimal waste and is manufactured from sustainable fabrics like silk that eventually makes its way back into the ecosystem with minimal impact. Timmithea likes to use classic designs which tend to have a longer closet life than most trendy styles, too! Furthermore, Timmithea doesn't carry inventory but chooses to have each dress made when ordered. Timmithea's dresses are manufactured in California by WOMEN for WOMEN. Be Eco-Glamorous and support a designer who cares about women and the environment!

Style : Timmithea

Models : Laura Paulson and Julie Hill



Classic design dresses for women…