A couple points to keep in mind to have a happier life

It is very easy to wake up and immediately think about all the negative things we have in our life. Worry, be grumpy and have a bad day. Shortly you will realize that it is effecting your health, your work , people around you , your relationships and when it rains it pours. Ive been there and I know how it feels. I read self improvement books, meditated, did yoga, tried to change my thoughts and behavior , watched youtube videos but nothing really worked until I started implementing 3 things which I learned from everything I gathered from all the self studies I did.

1- Write a journal everyday. Write down things you need to do and what you did , your goals and little baby steps to get there. Seeing the progress really helps you become happier and motivated. You will realize that you have been doing positive things and you are growing and all the things you are capable of doing. Also writing your thoughts will help you get it out and on paper. Seeing it will help you manifest it and help you believe in it. When you believe in it you will take actions consciously and unconsciously to make it happen.

2-Really work on loving yourself. It’s the hardest thing to do but until you do , all of your choices will effect your true happiness . People you choose to be in your life, your work, your friends … every thing.

When you learn to truly love yourself and know your self value you will no longer attract , hang on or want to be around people that are not aligned with what you want and what makes you happy. You can not attract true love until you truly love yourself first so make it your number one priority to start working on LOVING YOURSELF first then suddenly you realize life isn’t that bad.

3- Change your view how you see things. As Wayne Dyer says: The way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Nothing will change in your life until you change the way you look at things. Start looking at things from a different perspective. Your home, your furniture , your car ..ext. When you look at things around you with a different perspective and view , you will start having different feelings about them. For example I noticed I am used to getting up, making coffee and sitting behind my desk to start work. It has become my routine and I’m starting to get bored and unhappy so I started to change my view about doing that. One day I woke up , made coffee and I sat in front of my computer but I looked at it from a perspective of how lucky I am to be able to work from home and then I realized how much I love the sun shining on my desk and how beautiful my room is and how comfortable my chair is and how nice my desk is and I should start putting flowers on my desk and so on so forth then suddenly I felt happy and thankful for what I have . If I continued not thinking about all the good things about what I have I would have never started to feel happy and thankful but I changed the way I looked at it and that helped me actually realize how lucky I am and to be thankful and it’s like when I take a picture and I don’t get what I’m looking for I change my lens and so that helps me see it with a different perspective and then I might capture what I’m looking for but if I keep shooting with the same lens I will not get a different result . Same thing is true about your life.

Here is also a link I came across and find very interesting to share with you that will actually help you be a happier person by meditation and manifesting the life of your dreams. Enjoy:


I hope this was helpful for you and helps you be happier in life. it really helped changing my life for the better and to become a happier person so I hope it helps you too. Stay Inspired :)

Much Love,