4S Ranch/ Family&Lifestyle Photogrpahy

Shiva is great friend that I met on Facebook. She has her own hair Salon and she does a fabulous job. We live close which is great so every once in a while we meet for coffee in our neighborhood and we both love coffee bean Hazelnut Lotte. mmm yum ! Shiva has 2 beautiful girls. Sara and Emily.  She asked me to do a photoshoot but she warned me the girls hate taking pictures specially Sara so I thought of the best place in the neighborhood which the girls would have fun playing while I do what I do best and take natural looking pictures. There is beautiful field a mile away from my place so thats where I picked for the shoot. The girls loved it! they were having so much fun together and the sunlight was just magical. Shiva was very excited and happy about the outcome. We all had a great time and here a couple images of that day for you to enjoy. Stay Inspired!