5 Easy Steps To Looking more Photogenic


Tip #1 Most people know their " good side", but usually the left side of the face is more attractive.

Tip#2 Never stand the closest to the camera in a group shot or you will look larger.

Tip#3 Say " Money" not " Cheese" the hard e sound at the end of '' Money" makes the corners of your eyes crinkle, creating the affection of a genuine smile.

Top#4 Tilt your face slightly, so you don't face the camera squarely. Turning your head slightly is more flattering than facing the camera straight on, because it will give your features more depth. Hello cheekbones!

Top#5 Look toward a light right before the photo is taken. Looking at the light right before a photo is taken will shrink your pupils, which helps minimize the dreaded red eye.

Hope your enjoyed the 5 tips to a better photo of you. Stay Inspired!

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