Hiring a cheap photogrpaher

Today I want to talk about hiring a cheap photographer which I call them " A person with a digital camera"  NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER.

A photographer is someone that has knowledge and experience HOW to take a picture. A great Photographer is someone that knows how to capture the essence of the moment, creates art. If someone says I will shoot your wedding for under $1000 dont get excited about it. You might as well ask one of your guests or a friend to shoot your wedding for free.

They charge that price because they probably just quit their day job, bought a camera and will shoot for whatever price just to pay the pills. They are not passionate about what they do nor have the experience.That is not someone you want to hire to capture your big day that will not get repeated. It is a one time life event. If you don't like your pictures after,you will regret every penny you spent on that person so called " photographer with a digital camera and an ok website. 

On the other hand If you hire a PHOTOGRAPHER that you love her/his work , they know how to make your wedding look amazing even though you didn't hire the top of the line wedding planner , caterer or florist ext in town and that is very important.

I have walked into a couple weddings with a shocked face because it wasn't anything I expected to be but I made it look beautiful and elegant. Not all the weddings you see on my website are high end and expensive but I'm capable of making them look like one and that is the photographer you wont to hire.

I understand weddings are expensive these days so that is why I do payment plans for my clients and work with the ones that really love my work. A lot of great photographers out there do the same because their passionate about what they do. They care. They don't do it just for money. They have the talent.They capture your big day with love and everything in them. They make memorable images that you will cherish for years to come. So as a professional photographer that shot over 100s of weddings throughout the years and was chosen as the 2016 couples choice award because of outstanding work, my advise to you, please hire a photographer that you love their work. not becauseof their cheap price. There is a reason a photographer charges what they do and you get what you pay for so choose wisely. Its a one time investment that you do not want to regret spending a dolor on.

Here a couple examples that I would like to show you to better explain the difference between a cookie cut photographer and the one that really knows how to capture the moment.. My clients were not even paying attention and didn't even know im going to take the picture. I love creating art.  When I take a shot I imagine how it would look like if it was hanging on the wall like a beautiful paining.

Another thing is Head-shots. Everyone needs professional headshots. Please don't take a selfie while you are driving in your car and post it on Linkenedin or ask your girlfriend to take your headshot. The chances of you getting hired will drop down. Hire a photographer. Someone that knows how to make you look professional.

Ok that was the tip for today. Have a great day and keep inspired ! Namaste