Jennifer Headshot/Portrait photogrpahy

Jennifer hired me to do her headshots. She told me overall she's not comfortable having her pictures taken so I offered to do the shoot at her place to make it more comfortable and convenient for her. The day of the shoot when I arrived, Jen was sitting in front of her porch waiting. She looked excited yet a little anxious. I quickly introduce my self and we talked about her outfit and which one she should wear first, I started asking her what she does for living ext.. I learned Jenn is a gynecologist working for the Navi. She traveled to a lot a places around the world and lived in Spain for a couple of years. She was such a cool women.

Quickly Jenn started being more comfortable around me and in front of my camera and after I showed her a couple of the images I shot she felt so excited and ready to do more !

Im so blessed that I have the talent to make people comfortable around me and have fun while having their pictures taken. More importantly I have the ability to bring out the beauty in them and that's the biggest award I can ask for.

This is the review Jenn left for me:


Jennifer: Dec 28, 2015

Great photos!! I absolutely hate to have my photo taken and must admit that I was not in the best mood when we started. Shadi was so calm and assured that I relaxed quickly. We had a great time getting things just right and the photos proved it. I would recommend her anytime.

Here are a couple of her images. Enjoy!