Yoga 6/ San Diego Yoga Photography

Ive been planning to do this project for a long time and  finally was able to get it done yesterday. I'm a member of Yoga 6 in the 4S Ranch area. People that know me, know im a big fan of mediation and yoga so i thought it would be a great idea to blog a little about my hobbies and what I do when im not shooting. I try to do yoga almost everyday. It keeps me balanced and motivated. It gives me peace and teaches me how to live in the now and not worry much about the future. I love yoga because it puts things in perspective for me. It gives me a sense of humor and sense of gravity. It helps me learn when to strive and when to surrender.

 I spoke with Jeanette Manager of Yoga 6 and told her I would like to write a little blog about them. She was very thrilled and even offered to be my Model. Here's a little about Jeanette. She's very sweet and open. I absolutely enjoy her classes.

Jeanette’s exploration of yoga began in 1999, which led her to guiding yoga classes in 2004. Over the last several years she has studied and trained in a variety of different styles of yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram, Anusara, Ashtanga, Vini and Iyengar. From California to Turkey and Thailand her quest for knowledge has literally taken her around the world! With 10+ years of study under her belt Jeanette is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor. She’s known around Southern California for her warm smile, generous heart and inspirational teaching style. Her classes offer a dynamic flow that focuses on cultivating presence, consciousness of breath, and joy. Outside the studio, Jeanette’s interests include dancing, running, decadent meals and backpacking.