Daniel+ Ailyn / Golden Hills San Diego Engagement Session

I finally got a chance to sit down and blog about these 2 love birds. Daniel and Ailyn live close to Downtown in the golden hills area. when Daniel was giving me the location, he described to me exactly where i used to live for a while and had the best time of my life. This park where they wanted to do the photo shoot is one of the most beautiful parks of San Diego.With all  the tall wild trees, big roots and wild flowers, its a great area for an afternoon jog or a walk with your dog which is what i used to do :)

 How these 2 met? well , this is the story:

Ailyn and Daniel's romance began like so many before them, in a RadioShack. Daniel's roommate and close friend Jameson, began working at RadioShack in late 2009. Ailyn, was Jameson's boss. The first time they met, was when Jameson told Daniel about a loophole in the system where if Daniel showed his receipt for an xbox he bought a month prior he would receive $50 back because the item went on clearance. Ailyn, being the store manager was not too thrilled about Daniel returning to the store to get refunded money he technically shouldn't of been refunded, so when Daniel first came in the store she wasn't too happy to see him. But, she thought he was cute so she politely helped him, and he, not wanting to look like a cheapskate in front of the super hot store manager, asked her to help him with some batteries (because he was trying to be smooth after all). The encounter was brief and fleeting but impactful nonetheless. One Friday night, Jameson was getting ready to go out to meet his coworkers, (to celebrate one of their birthdays) and noticed his (handsome but generally boring) roommate had no plans for the night. Taking pity on Daniel, Jameson invited Daniel to join him for the night and wisely added, "Ailyn" be there!" Daniel was sure this was his chance to impress. As fate would have it, Daniel would not end the night off very impressively. He talked with her briefly but ran out of courage when the time came to ask for her number. He didn't know it at the time, but Daniel had already secured Ailyn's interest. A few weeks after, Jameson invited Ailyn to come watch him play music, and Ailyn couldn't help but ask, "is Daniel going?" That night Daniel did his best to impress, but it wasn't necessary. Ailyn did her best to get Daniel's attention, but it wasn't necessary. As Daniel played the drums on stage, their eyes met, and at that moment, they both knew what the other was thinking. Daniel got off stage, and they proceeded to have one of the most magical,  and memorable nights two lovers ever had.