Fiore&Adelfo / Sunset cliffs Maternity session / San Diego Maternity photography

Firore and Aldolfo met in Lima Peru where Fiore is from. They met at work in 2005, and at the begging they were very good friends. After a year they started dating and they have been married for 5 years now. At the day of the shoot Fiore told me  they have an amazing relationship ( even though he doesn’t like to take pictures lol ! )They moved to San Diego in 2008 and very soon they will be moving to San Fransisco. They enjoyed there child free life for 5 years, traveling a lot and now they are more than ready to become parents. They’re really happy expecting their first child, having Sebastian in their arms.His due date in February 24th.Fiore wanted sunset pictures by the beach for her maternity pictures so we met at Sunset cliffs and we got some great sunset shots although it was a windy,cloudy day.They were such a lovely couple together. I really enjoyed capturing some of their special moments together expecting their first child.