It gets better and better every time....

The first time you shoot with me, you discover what you’re capable of. You overcome your nerves, you have a blast , you get a collection of incredible images that celebrate who you are. You can’t believe how amazing you feel. You want to do it again.

The SECOND time you shoot with me , you’re not as nervous which allows us to get into it a little quicker with ease. We shoot something a little different than the first time , try completely different outfit ideas and hair/make up looks. We get even MORE incredible shots than the first time even through maybe you thought that wasn’t possible.

The THIRD time you shoot with me , it’s no holds barred. We blow it out of the water. We know each other well enough by now that it feels like we’re just playing…. and we are…. but we are creating magical things while we do it. And it goes on.

I’m SO grateful for this 3-time client and every single women who trusts me with their photo shoot experience. the first, second , third time and beyond. Clients used to ask me nervously “ Do people ever do this more than once?? I assure you, it just gets better and better.


Three guidelines for great photographers.

It doesn’t matter if your objective is to simplify improve your skills as a hobbyist or forge ahead and earn your livelihood a s a professional. It doesn’t matter if you now use an automated point and shoot camera or a sophisticated SLR. Whatever your objective, to succeed as a photographer requires that you know how to produce images. Beautiful images. Beautiful photos.

What to look for…

1- A good photograph has a clear subject.

We sometimes call this a theme. It’s about someone or something. It may even tell a story about that subject. But the subject is clear and unambiguous. Whomever looks at the photo immediately sees the subject.

2- A good photograph focuses attention on a subject.

In other words, the viewer’s eye is immediately drawn to the subject.

3- A good photograph simplifies.

It includes only those elements that draw the eye to the subject, and it excludes or diminishes those elements that might draw the eye away from the subject.

By starting right now think in terms of these three simple guidelines, you will see an immediate change in your life as a photographer. You will find yourself looking at published photographs in a new way. More important, you will see the world around you in a new way and find yourself taking pictures in a new way. You will start the see the world through your viewfinder with the eye of a photographer!


Basic photography class

Are you looking for a perfect gift for someone special? We can help! For a limited time we are offering a complimentary class for basic photography and how to use your camera professionally with purchase of a portrait session. Your special someone will get pampered with hair and make up , a photo session and a complimentary photography session with me. ( images are sold separately )


Vaz Andreas / Celebrity Photo shoot

Saturday I had the honor to do a photo shoot for our one and only Hollywood actor VAZ ANDREAS.

It was my dream come true when I heard he was interested in doing a shoot with me.

Born in Armenia, Vaz Andreas moved to the states in 1993, as a young man at the age 15. He started his acting career in theater and after appearing in over a dozen plays, he went on to Hollywood and studied under the prominent teacher, Eric Morris. Vaz then found his home at Playhouse West and for many years studied under Robert Carnegie and Mark Pellegrino. For over three years, Vaz Andreas played a lead role in the Armenian soap opera, "The Sinners". He has also appeared in the TV shows Lucifer, NCIS, The Shield, Chasing Life and Hit the Floor. One of his greatest accomplishments was to be cast as the male lead in "A Man Before His Time". This documentary chronicles the life of the revered Freydun Atturaya, known as "The Assyrian". Vaz has always shown an interest in writing and after many years of study in philosophy, psychology, human mind and behavior, Vaz decided to gather the world of stories from his life and compile it into a raw and organic storytelling that defines the self. FADE is his first novel. I have read his book FADE before i met him and honestly I could not put this book down and would read it every night until 2am. I can’t wait until this book becomes a movie. Here are a couple of my favorite shots I took of him. I really enjoyed capturing his images . Vaz is such a talented , humble and kind person. It was such a pleasure meeting him in person and working with him.

love that my picture is used for his profile pic :)

love that my picture is used for his profile pic :)

At the end cause we both did excellent team work , we put the camera on tripod and took a picture together. I could not let him go with out having a picture with him ;)


Skincare And It's Importance

We often don’t know the importance of having a young and healthy looking skin until we reach our late 30s and 40s. That’s when we realize how important it is to have great skin and looking younger.

We make the mistake of falling for over the counter products and big brands of the department stores. We spend so much money in hopes that they work but lets face it , they really dont and it’s just a waste of money. They promise to do a lot of things in jar but we all know there’s no such thing really.

I have been there until I realized I have to see a doctor and do it the right way. I was suffering from acne scares and just dead looking skin. No facial was helping me . After months of research I found doctor Maryam Hekmat at the VIP Spa Clinic at Rancho Bernardo.

Doctor Hekmat explained to me the procedure of getting rid of my acne scares and my options. Also the products to use in order to bring life back to my skin and have a vibrant glow and healthy looking skin. SkinMedica did magic for me. After just a short period of time I noticed my skin start glowing , my dark spots and acne scars were gone and now I am so happy with my skin that I do not even want to wear foundation. If I use any make up it will only be some lipstick , eye shadow, concealer and mascara and i’m all set. I’m planning to continue seeing Dr Hekmat and I hope I can be any help for those who are having the same problem I did. Mentioning my name you get a special discount off your treatment.

About Dr. Maryam Hekmat :

Dr. Maryam J. Hekmat, Founder and Medical Director of VIP MedSpa Clinic, has been practicing physician in Rancho Bernardo, California since 2002. She established VIP MedSpa Clinic in 2014 to provide new and safe cutting edge non-surgical cosmetic dermatology treatments. Including Injectables (Botox, Juvederm Fillers, Kybella…), Lasers, and Skin Rejuvenation. 

She has dedicated her entire practice to transforming her patients into younger, healthier, and more confident versions of themselves. At VIP MedSpa Clinic, Dr. Hekmat enjoys the art of customizing the right treatment to give her patients the best result. Natural, Beautiful, Healthy, YOU.

Dr. Maryam Hekmat is best known for her professional honesty, warm demeanor, comforting personality and immense knowledge of skin care and medicine. You can expect to receive the very best care in a variety of services, ranging from Cosmetic Dermatology to Weight Management. For more information, please visit,

we recommand Page 32.jpg

Products I use :

Everyday I wash my face with SkinMedica AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser

SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser combines alpha and beta hydroxy acids to remove dead cells and other impurities from your skin to diminish fine lines and illuminate your complexion. Botanical extracts of bilberry and licorice reduce hyperpigmentation while panthenol and lavender extracts tone and soothe inflammation. Mildly astringent citrus oils minimize large pores for a radiant and refreshed appearance.

Then use the following for day and night time :

2.0 Lytera Pigment correcting serum

SkinMedica Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum addresses the appearance of stubborn discoloration, making even skin tones possible for all skin types. Powered by niacinamide and tetrapeptide-30, this skin brightening formula prevents the appearance of new spots while a marine extract blend supports a healthy skin barrier.

TNS recovery complex

SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex® utilizes growth factors to visibly smooth, tone and firm skin. Formulated with a Tissue Nutrient System (TNS), this anti-aging serum targets blood vessels, reduces inflammation, encourages cell growth and casts a healthy, youthful glow on your skin. Amino acids and antioxidants prevent free radical damage and signs of premature aging.

Total Defense + Repair Broad Spectrum SPF 34 Sunscreen

SkinMedica Total Defense Repair SPF 34 protects skin from sun damage and prevents aging due to chronic exposure to infrared light. Using an advanced antioxidant complex, this restorative formula goes beyond UVA and UVB protection, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving the skin's texture and evening skin tone. Slightly tinted, this lightweight formula also provides sheer coverage for a smooth, polished complexion.

Retinol Complex 0.5

SkinMedica Age Defense Retinol Complex 0.5 enhances the skin's texture to promote a brighter, more youthful complexion. Formulated for skin tolerant to retinol treatments, it stimulates collagen production and enhances faster cell renewal to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Algae extract ensures skin is soft, hydrated and protected against free-radical damage.


SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator blends five types of hydrators that immediately go to work replenishing your skin's hyaluronic acid. Ideal for all skin types, this hydrating serum balances moisture levels to smooth and soften rough texture, lines and wrinkles. Free of fragrance, it boosts the overall health of your skin and provides a staggering eight hours of continuous moisture. The humectants draw moisture from the air and deliver it straight to the areas of your skin that need it the most. It's so potent that it almost immediately begins to smooth the appearance of furrows. 

Dermal Repair Cream

Because a truly all-encompassing hydration treatment takes some extra tender loving care, SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream is one skin staple that offers anti-aging and moisturizing benefits in spades. Specially crafted to deliver optimal results during daily use, it instantly replenishes your skin with the necessary moisture it needs. All at once helping to repair sun-damaged skin and reduce age spots, this dense cream doesn't fall short on skin-loving antioxidants and vitamins. 

Deeply penetrating the surface of your skin with vitamins C and E, while retinol, hyaluronic acid and omega-3 fatty acids work in synergy to reverse the signs of time, this moisturizing treatment is just the trick your skin-care regimen's been lacking. Offering the same benefits as a handful of essentials yet delivering it in one, potent cream, it's bound to become a key player in your day-to-day rotation. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Vitamin C: helps even skin tone and impart a brighter complexion

  • Vitamin E: repels free radicals; helps visibly smooth over wrinkles and fine lines

  • Hyaluronic Acid: instantly plumps skin for a visibly smoother surface; retains water in skin

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: diminishes signs of aging; promotes healthy skin cell production.



when was the last time she had her professional portraits taken?

Are you wondering what to get her for Christmas or New years ? A vanity portrait session is the best gift. She will be pampered for the day, enjoy looking and feeling like a celebrity and will own images that she will cherish for a lifetime. Portraits are an investment that will never go to waste. So give her the gift of eternity.

Fashion Style photoshoot for Designer Timmithea

Last week I was requested to shoot for fashion designer Timmithea who has also been published in vogue magazine. We met at Balboa Park since she had a vision of an artistic atmosphere in mind. Along with my artistic and creative eye we made some great images for her new collection. A little bit about Timmithea:

Timmithea has created a capsule collection of special occasion dresses that are Eco-Glamorous! All fabrics are specially curated and purchased from companies in the USA. Timmithea challenged herself to design a collection of dresses from the least amount of fabric as possible- each takes about three yards, creates minimal waste and is manufactured from sustainable fabrics like silk that eventually makes its way back into the ecosystem with minimal impact. Timmithea likes to use classic designs which tend to have a longer closet life than most trendy styles, too! Furthermore, Timmithea doesn't carry inventory but chooses to have each dress made when ordered. Timmithea's dresses are manufactured in California by WOMEN for WOMEN. Be Eco-Glamorous and support a designer who cares about women and the environment!

Style : Timmithea

Models : Laura Paulson and Julie Hill



Classic design dresses for women…

Your Dream Photoshoot

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in your very own celebrating photoshoot? what is your dream photoshot?

One of the favorite things about my carrier is being creative. From the time I design a shoot to when I am on set and finally when I am in front of my computer editing the images I use my creativity and design talent to give each photoshoot the personal touch and style that matches best with who you are and how you want to be presented in your images.

A while back we did a photoshot with Kelly Lanahan.

Hair : Waatani Norris

Everyone did an excellent job and it turned out better than expected.

Miss Middle East 2018 Zenah Abul khair

Our beautiful Miss middle east 2018 did her first photo shoot of the year at my studio. I love the blue gown I chose for her. Goes very well with her dark hair.

Angie & Diana Glamour Photoshoot

Angie and Diana are 2 best friends. Angie came to me last year for a head shots and lifestyle session. She loved all her photos and the whole experience with m so this year she came back with her friend Diana to do a fun glamour session. Diana was such a sweet heart as well. They had a blast through out the session and booked a girls night out after because they were already glammed up so why not?!

We met back 2 weeks after the photoshoot for a reveal session . They viewed all their pictures printed, mated and ready displayed on the reveal wall to go over and choose. Angie said she was so happy she did this because she can look back in 10 or 20 years from now and say this is how I looked and her kids will always treasure her pictures.

I truly believe every women deserves to have a beautiful portrait of themselves. It is an experience of looking and feeling beautiful, reconnecting with your own beautiful self and feeling like a goddess.  Whether you would like to celebrate a life milestone, boost your self confidence with a little makeover, treat yourself or your loved one to a dream photo shoot or just need one professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile - this experience will change the way you see your own beauty.  Making women look and feel beautiful in photographs is my superpower and I want to take the best portraits that you've ever seen of yourself.


The Reveal Session.

when you discover your true beauty


Each package comes with a beautiful Foliobox

That holds up to 25 7x10 prints mated and ready to go on your wall.

Julie & William - The Country Club of Rancho Bernardo

Julie found me  through google and fell in love with my work.  We met in person and I fell in love with her down to earth and fun personality so it was a perfect match. Julie and Williams vows were one the most beautiful vows I have ever heard and funny too. Julie is a nurse so she mentioned she will promise to change Williams diapers when he gets to that point. It was hilarious. Their wedding was so much fun and happy to share just a couple of my favorite shots with you. Hope you enjoy!

Rose&Matt Wedding/ Richmond Virginia / Destination Wedding 2018

Rose is my best friends sister . I have known Rose since she was in elementary school. I watched her grow to be this amazing women she is today. She owns her own Yoga studio in downtown Richmond and a great business women. 

I met Matt for the first time when I flew there for the wedding . He was such a funny and kind guy and he absolutely adores Rose which made me happy seeing my little sister blossom every time they looked at each other. Their wedding was in a beautiful winery vintage style. She decided to get ready in her yoga studio . Then we all drove to the winery for the ceremony. Rose looked amazing in her wedding dress and her wedding day was just absolutely gorgeous ! Mat is a professional Skydiver and he decided to skydive and arrive at the ceremony! 

Also Featured in Upper Shirley Vineyards website:

Glamour/ Fashion Studio Photography

If you ask me what do I like to do for fun ? I will say one of the things I like to do is design a photoshoot I love. It's an opportunity for me to create and shoot something i want to shoot. Not something I am asked to shoot.

I asked Parand Biranvand Miss Middle East 2017 to be part of my project and help me create what I had in mind. I have done couple photoshoots for her and always enjoy working with her. She is truly a beautiful person inside and out. 

San Diego Maternity Studio photoshoot

Samira is one of my dear clients who I had a pleasure of photoshooting her engagement, bridal shower, wedding, baby shower and now maternity. Trust is the number one key in doing business and I think I established that since I started my business in 2010. Clients like Samira is the true reason I do what I do.

To tell you a little but about the photo session, It took about 2 hours and Samira was still having a blast and posing for me. She is so adorable and her pictures turned out amazing. She arrived with her pink dress and pink roses in her hair and a bottle of pink wine for me to drink and relax after the shoot which was very sweet of her and Ardalan. Here are a couple of my favorites that I would like to share with you.

Family portrait/ San Diego Portrait photography/4S Ranch Studio photography

Azadeh and I met the first time at the Iranian American Women foundation back in 2016. Shortly after she hired me to do head shots for her. Azadeh Is a great lawyer. She specializes in Injury from car accidents, motorcycle , pedestrian, and bicycle accidents. I went to her office to get her head shots done. She was so fun , Kind and full of energy.

About a month ago she asked me to do another photo shoot for her and her 2 beautiful boys. When they arrived at my studio, I was a bit worried that the boys wont  enjoy getting their pictures done but surprisingly they had a great time, completely open to me posing them and later they told their mom how much they enjoyed shooting with me. 

We met a couple nights ago for the viewing session. Azita loved her images and seeing the excitement on her face was the best reward I could ask for. 

Portrait Photography/ San Diego Portrait photographer/ Studio Photography

I met Christie a while back at a bridal show. We became friends and kept in touch. She decided to do a glamour photo shoot for her birthday and I'm so glad she did because now she has a gift that she can cherish a lifetime and will bring a smile to her face every time she looks at them. She loved all her images ! I did her hair and make up and we had such a great time on her photo shoot.