when was the last time she had her professional portraits taken?

Are you wondering what to get her for Christmas or New years ? A vanity portrait session is the best gift. She will be pampered for the day, enjoy looking and feeling like a celebrity and will own images that she will cherish for a lifetime. Portraits are an investment that will never go to waste. So give her the gift of eternity.

Fashion Style photoshoot for Designer Timmithea

Last week I was requested to shoot for fashion designer Timmithea who has also been published in vogue magazine. We met at Balboa Park since she had a vision of an artistic atmosphere in mind. Along with my artistic and creative eye we made some great images for her new collection. A little bit about Timmithea:

Timmithea has created a capsule collection of special occasion dresses that are Eco-Glamorous! All fabrics are specially curated and purchased from companies in the USA. Timmithea challenged herself to design a collection of dresses from the least amount of fabric as possible- each takes about three yards, creates minimal waste and is manufactured from sustainable fabrics like silk that eventually makes its way back into the ecosystem with minimal impact. Timmithea likes to use classic designs which tend to have a longer closet life than most trendy styles, too! Furthermore, Timmithea doesn't carry inventory but chooses to have each dress made when ordered. Timmithea's dresses are manufactured in California by WOMEN for WOMEN. Be Eco-Glamorous and support a designer who cares about women and the environment!

Style : Timmithea https://www.timmithea.com/

Models : Laura Paulson and Julie Hill



Classic design dresses for women…

Your Dream Photoshoot

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in your very own celebrating photoshoot? what is your dream photoshot?

One of the favorite things about my carrier is being creative. From the time I design a shoot to when I am on set and finally when I am in front of my computer editing the images I use my creativity and design talent to give each photoshoot the personal touch and style that matches best with who you are and how you want to be presented in your images.

A while back we did a photoshot with Kelly Lanahan.

Hair : Waatani Norris

Everyone did an excellent job and it turned out better than expected.

Miss Middle East 2018 Zenah Abul khair

Our beautiful Miss middle east 2018 did her first photo shoot of the year at my studio. I love the blue gown I chose for her. Goes very well with her dark hair.

Angie & Diana Glamour Photoshoot

Angie and Diana are 2 best friends. Angie came to me last year for a head shots and lifestyle session. She loved all her photos and the whole experience with m so this year she came back with her friend Diana to do a fun glamour session. Diana was such a sweet heart as well. They had a blast through out the session and booked a girls night out after because they were already glammed up so why not?!

We met back 2 weeks after the photoshoot for a reveal session . They viewed all their pictures printed, mated and ready displayed on the reveal wall to go over and choose. Angie said she was so happy she did this because she can look back in 10 or 20 years from now and say this is how I looked and her kids will always treasure her pictures.

I truly believe every women deserves to have a beautiful portrait of themselves. It is an experience of looking and feeling beautiful, reconnecting with your own beautiful self and feeling like a goddess.  Whether you would like to celebrate a life milestone, boost your self confidence with a little makeover, treat yourself or your loved one to a dream photo shoot or just need one professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile - this experience will change the way you see your own beauty.  Making women look and feel beautiful in photographs is my superpower and I want to take the best portraits that you've ever seen of yourself.


The Reveal Session.

when you discover your true beauty


Each package comes with a beautiful Foliobox

That holds up to 25 7x10 prints mated and ready to go on your wall.

Julie & William - The Country Club of Rancho Bernardo

Julie found me  through google and fell in love with my work.  We met in person and I fell in love with her down to earth and fun personality so it was a perfect match. Julie and Williams vows were one the most beautiful vows I have ever heard and funny too. Julie is a nurse so she mentioned she will promise to change Williams diapers when he gets to that point. It was hilarious. Their wedding was so much fun and happy to share just a couple of my favorite shots with you. Hope you enjoy!

Rose&Matt Wedding/ Richmond Virginia / Destination Wedding 2018

Rose is my best friends sister . I have known Rose since she was in elementary school. I watched her grow to be this amazing women she is today. She owns her own Yoga studio in downtown Richmond and a great business women. 

I met Matt for the first time when I flew there for the wedding . He was such a funny and kind guy and he absolutely adores Rose which made me happy seeing my little sister blossom every time they looked at each other. Their wedding was in a beautiful winery vintage style. She decided to get ready in her yoga studio . Then we all drove to the winery for the ceremony. Rose looked amazing in her wedding dress and her wedding day was just absolutely gorgeous ! Mat is a professional Skydiver and he decided to skydive and arrive at the ceremony! 

Also Featured in Upper Shirley Vineyards website: http://www.uppershirley.com/love-is-in-the-air-1

Glamour/ Fashion Studio Photography

If you ask me what do I like to do for fun ? I will say one of the things I like to do is design a photoshoot I love. It's an opportunity for me to create and shoot something i want to shoot. Not something I am asked to shoot.

I asked Parand Biranvand Miss Middle East 2017 to be part of my project and help me create what I had in mind. I have done couple photoshoots for her and always enjoy working with her. She is truly a beautiful person inside and out. 

San Diego Maternity Studio photoshoot

Samira is one of my dear clients who I had a pleasure of photoshooting her engagement, bridal shower, wedding, baby shower and now maternity. Trust is the number one key in doing business and I think I established that since I started my business in 2010. Clients like Samira is the true reason I do what I do.

To tell you a little but about the photo session, It took about 2 hours and Samira was still having a blast and posing for me. She is so adorable and her pictures turned out amazing. She arrived with her pink dress and pink roses in her hair and a bottle of pink wine for me to drink and relax after the shoot which was very sweet of her and Ardalan. Here are a couple of my favorites that I would like to share with you.

Family portrait/ San Diego Portrait photography/4S Ranch Studio photography

Azadeh and I met the first time at the Iranian American Women foundation back in 2016. Shortly after she hired me to do head shots for her. Azadeh Is a great lawyer. She specializes in Injury from car accidents, motorcycle , pedestrian, and bicycle accidents. I went to her office to get her head shots done. She was so fun , Kind and full of energy.

About a month ago she asked me to do another photo shoot for her and her 2 beautiful boys. When they arrived at my studio, I was a bit worried that the boys wont  enjoy getting their pictures done but surprisingly they had a great time, completely open to me posing them and later they told their mom how much they enjoyed shooting with me. 

We met a couple nights ago for the viewing session. Azita loved her images and seeing the excitement on her face was the best reward I could ask for. 

Portrait Photography/ San Diego Portrait photographer/ Studio Photography

I met Christie a while back at a bridal show. We became friends and kept in touch. She decided to do a glamour photo shoot for her birthday and I'm so glad she did because now she has a gift that she can cherish a lifetime and will bring a smile to her face every time she looks at them. She loved all her images ! I did her hair and make up and we had such a great time on her photo shoot.

San Diego Headshot Photography / 4S Ranch

Angie was such a beautiful person inside and out. She hired me to do headshot and lifestyle photos for her so I told her I have a perfect spot for her. We head out to my special spot in 4S ranch which I love.

At the end of our photoshoot she told me how fun this was and she absolutely fell in love with her images and so did I :)

I love how I make my clients feel relaxed and comfortable after a few min of shooting with me. Most of the time before we begin they tell me how nervous they are or that they are not photogenic. Angie felt the same but then after a few min and a couple warm up shots she was so comfortable and confident that I could see it in her face and that is when I capture what I am looking for.

San Diego Wedding Photography/ Old town San Diego / Mike & Laura

I met Mike through a photography group on Facebook . He lives in Portland but wanted to get Married in San Diego so after seeing my work he loved it and asked me to shoot his wedding !

Since they were flying from Portland and very busy for the wedding, I only got a chance to meet them until their wedding day and boy they were so kind, adorable and funny! I mean this couple could not stop kissing each other and I had to ask them to stop so I can take my pictures . LOL

They were goofy and funny. They wanted to make funny faces for all their pictures and were not serious at all. I loved that about them :) I had a blast shooting their wedding and so grateful that I met this lovely couple and had the opportunity to capture their wedding day.

Here is their story:


They Met

From 2005-2012 Mike & Laura were co workers at Rentrak in Portland. A couple years after meeting they became besties. Everyone thought they were a couple but, they simply just enjoyed each other's company. This was not for lack of trying on Mike's part!

They Fell In Love

Let's face it... how many couples never fight, always have fun together, are equally pig-headed and goofy, have the same values, want the same dream kitchen, both love Top Gun enough to still watch it regularly AND are both Britney Spears fans? That's soulmate makings there, how could we not fall in love? Perfect fit!

They Got Engaged

On September 1, 2015 .... Mike figured he better lock it down before Laura changed her mind yet again! SO . on an equally special day with an equally special ring, Mike popped the question out of the blue. " Luckily the gamble paid off" and Laura said YES! And now they are soar off into the sunset together for all kinds of fun adventures.

San Diego Headshot Photography

Rena and Tod are owners of Massage Heights in my Neighborhood 4S Ranch. I have been a member of Massage heights for over a year now and absolutely love their service. Rena and Todd also love my photography work and asked me to do their head shots.. They were so happy and excited when they saw their pictures and Im happy that I was able to provide excellent service to them as they deserve.

Family Portrait Photoshoot/ San Juan Capistrano Portrait Photography

 I have been taking pictures for the Donboli family since Elham was pregnant with their first daughter Ariana. Now they have 2 beautiful girls and I have been photographing them every year so I get to see how much they grow and capture memories for them to cherish forever. They are such a lovely and lucky family and I absolutely adore these 2 little Angeles. Cheers to you guys. Thank you for having me be the one to capture your special moments . I hope I can photograph their wedding one day :)