Shadi ameri

Hello and thank you for visiting my website,

I'm a Fine Art Photographer who currently resides in San Diego.  Influenced by elegance, I enjoy creating images inspired by elements of painting, Romanticism and Beauty. My style is Artistic, Stylish and natural.  I have the talent and creative eye to capture the essence of the moment and my mission is to create top quality photos, bring out the beauty in my subject and deliver images that you will be proud to show off days as well as YEARS after I'm done Photographing! Instead of following trends, I have worked hard to create a style of my own that is chic and timeless. No detail is left a chance.
I believe Photography is an art of has little to do with the things you see and every thing to do with the way you see them.

If I don't have my camera in hand I like to practice yoga. I love yoga because it puts things in perspective for me. It gives me a sense of humor and sense of gravity. I practice because it helps me learn when to strive and when to surrender. Because I never want to stop learning or stop growing.

I'm left handed but I shoot with my right. Cameras are not built for left handed people. Pretty amazing! huh? Thats how I know I was born to be a creative photographer.