How to choose the right wedding photographer?


to start planning your wedding day.

Getting married is exciting yet overwhelming these days. Main reason? so many options if you ask me.

Main questions couples ask themselves:

How do we start? where do we start? who do we contact first? how do we know if this vendor is the right one for us?

Most couples start the process from the location they want to get married at, some start from the wedding planner or the Make up Artist. Most of the time the last person they hire on their list is the photographer so at that point they already spent way over the expected budget.

Based on years of shooting weddings I believe the best way to start planning your wedding is starting from your photographer . Here is why:

A great photographer will be able to make even a simple wedding look so elegant and chick you wont even believe your eyes. She/He will make you look amazing and will capture images for you to cherish forever. Isn't that the most important thing? Everything at the wedding will be gone. The only thing that stays with you forever and will bring you back to that special day are your pictures so start from your photographer and because you like their work trust that she works with the best to fit your budget and she knows your taste and style.

Another important factor that you should keep in mind is finding a photogrpaher that has a strong portfolio in capturing 2 things.

1- Details of your wedding

2- Bride and Groom Pictures


A great wedding photographer will pay attention to the smallest things at your wedding. Anything from your laugh with your sister trying to help you get into your gown to the little details at the reception area and how everything is decorated. These are the images that are valuable and will bring tears to your eyes when you go back and look at them.

I hope this helps you to make better decisions planning your wedding and make the process easier for you :)

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