Hello and thank you for visiting my website,

 I am a contemporary portrait photographer, with a fashion magazine style.” Influenced by elegance, I enjoy creating images inspired by elements of painting, Romanticism and Beauty. I specialize in vanity fair style portraits.

My purpose was not to be a photographer. My purpose was to transform people with my photography.

My passion is to give you a celebrity experience that is transformative, life changing and addictive that you want to come back every year to experience the ultimate beauty and elegance experience.

My mission is to create top quality photos, bring out the beauty in my subject and deliver images that you will be proud to show off days as well as YEARS after I'm done Photographing! Instead of following trends, I have worked hard to create a style of my own that is chic and timeless. No detail is left a chance.

I believe Photography is an art of has little to do with the things you see and every thing to do with the way you see them.

Reasons why clients book me:

I Let You Be You

I believe that great portraits showcase personality. If you’re bubbly and fun, I’ll focus on that during your shoot. If you’re quiet and thoughtful, I’ll photograph you in a more contemplative way. There shouldn’t be a disconnect between who you are with your friends and what is shown in your portraits. Perhaps you might get more dressed up than normal, but you’ll still look like the very best version of you. 

I Care

 I hold myself to a high standard because you deserve nothing less! I care about providing you with images to cherish a lifetime .

Un-Posing Is my Thing

If figuring out posing on your own for photos sounds terrifying, I got your back! Not only is posing my specialty, but I also love to un-pose my clients. Meaning I always shoot for those natural, candid, in-between shots that reflect the true you. What you will get are effortless photos that make you look awesome and like you didn’t try too hard.

Quality Over Quantity

Nobody needs 500 mediocre photos. What you want are a collection of high quality photographs that reflects who you are. I want you to have photos that you still love and are proud to look back on 10 to 30 years from now.

More Than my Equipment

Every professional photographer has similar equipment. What is different is my personal taste, how I interact with you, how I see and modify light, how I utilize our locations, and how I process and edit the photos afterwards. When you book a session with me, you are not just paying for my time together, you are getting the collective tens of thousands of hours I spent crafting and learning my art. A better pen does not make a better writer than a fancy camera makes a better photographer.


If I don't have my camera in hand I like to practice yoga. I love yoga because it puts things in perspective for me. It gives me a sense of humor and sense of gravity. I practice because it helps me learn when to strive and when to surrender. Because I never want to stop learning or stop growing.


I'm left handed but I shoot with my right. Cameras are not built for left handed people. Pretty amazing! huh? Thats how I know I was born to be a creative photographer.


Client Reviews

Shadi’s approch to photography is fresh and modern with bold , rich color-She brings art to the world for her clients and her contemporaries. She offers a luxury photogrpahy experience that is once in a lifetime.
With Shadi Ameri you are working with a renowned photograpaher and team of stylists, and artists to get a one -of-a - kind portrait session that you will cherish for the rest of your life.
— Sheri A
Shadi has found her calling... She has the most brilliant ideas, and is able to see and capture moments unlike anyone else. I felt 100% confident being in front of the camera, which was uncharted territiry for me. Shadi is a creative genius, and talented beyond words. She uses her expertise and professionalism to give you memories to hold and cherish for a lifetime.
— lynn C